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About Stormwise




Recent storms closed roads due to trees falling on utility lines. (Photos by Marvin Nauman/FEMA (top) and Norman Lenburg/FEMA (bottom).

Recent storms in our state have illustrated the cascading consequences and costs that can result from tree damage to our electrical utility infrastructure. Improving the storm resistance of trees and forests along utility corridors has become a highest priority issue. With power lines strung along nearly every road in Connecticut, this is a formidable task.

The Stormwise program integrates tree education, management and research to provide effective solutions to mitigate tree risk for municipalities, homeowners, and utility companies. Combining techniques from arboriculture and silviculture can improve the benefits of current pruning practices by enhancing the ability to naturally enhance their windfirmness—a longer term solution. Through this approach, we can develop healthy, storm resistant trees and forests in urban, exurban and rural landscapes that preserves their aesthetic appeal and biodiversity.  

Education Learn more about the program and the science. Learn about the Stormwise app aimed at homeowner Tree Risk Awareness and contribute to the Stormwise tree failure database. How to host a Stormwise town meeting – storm-gemot?

Management What is the framework of a Stormwise prescription? How will various wood products be handled for optimal utilization? Who is going to pay for all this? Learn about ongoing establishment of demonstration sites and upcoming management workshops.

Research What is going on with Stormwise related research at UConn and with our partners? How are we using the data from the Stormwise app?