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About Stormwise

Resilient trees, resilient power.

Stormwise is a forest vegetation management program with the goal of reducing the risk of tree-related storm damage to power lines. Implementing proper long-term management practices in woodlands along utility corridors will create healthy, storm resistant and aesthetically pleasing trees and forest stands. The development of Stormwise is compelled by recent catastrophic storm events in Connecticut.

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webinar photo
Stormwise: Increasing the Storm Resilience of Trees

This webinar was recorded as part of the 2014 webinar series from the UConn Center for land Use Education and Research (CLEAR).


Recent Press

UConn Today - 8/4/2014

UConn Tree Program Cuts Chances of Power Outages

The Day - 7/30/2014

UConn program's goal is managing forest growth near power lines

WNPR - 2/18/2014

Can Science Build Stronger Trees in Connecticut?

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Hartford Courant - 2/13/2014

UConn researchers, go into the woods in search of new ways to protect power lines.

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"I wish to gratefully acknowledge our partners and supporters in this project. Dr. Jeffrey Ward of the CT Agricultural Experiment Station is leading the vegetation management research at the sites in Portland and Litchfield mentioned in the article and at other locations around the state. This research is generously supported by CT Light and Power Co. and a grant from the US Forest Service."

- Thomas E. Worthley, Assoc. Extension Professor, UConn

News & Updates

Main Contact

Thomas Worthley
UConn, Assistant Extension Professor
Middlesex County Extension Center
1066 Saybrook Road
Haddam, CT 06438

Key Collaborators

Dr. Mark Rudnicki
UConn, Department of Natural Resources and the Environment
University of Connecticut
Storrs, CT 06269


Dr. John Volin
, Department of Natural Resources & the Environment


Dr. Jeffrey Ward
CT Agricultural Experiment Station
Vegetation Management